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Tales of Elatora is an NFT story and RPG that launched April 2022.
 Featuring 22 different animals, each part of a Faction (Buntai or Gundan), carrying unique traits and a specific role. Which side are you on?

what's included?



  • 2 NFTs for the price of 1 with each mint
  • access to the RPG
  •  access to the book (and audiobook)
  • voting rights on the book
  • free $UDT upon mint
  • co-creating community


3 NFTs

Those who collect 3 of our NFTs, will also get:

  • a special 1/1 MINTED artwork (on ETH) of your character(s) in Elatora


5 NFTs

Those who collect 5 of our NFTs, will also get:

  • a special 1/1 MINTED artwork (on ETH) of your character(s) in Elatora
  • a 2nd special 1/1 MINTED artwork: your own ‘house’ in Elatora, that will also be included in the game.


10 NFTs

Those who collect 10 of our NFTs, will also get:

  • a special 1/1 MINTED artwork (on ETH) of your character(s) in Elatora
  • a 2nd special 1/1 MINTED artwork: your own ‘house’ in Elatora. A special place, that will also be included in the game and/or book. 
  • a prominent role in the book and/or game (character of your choice) 



Elatora, a world in which spirits and animals once coexisted in peace, until the Ferranians – the spiritless nation – set itself on a mission of eradication. As the Ferranians gain more ground every day and the stability of Elatora is threatened, a hero is needed…

Step into our world and help Elatora, either by fighting with the Buntai (Spirit Faction) or Gundan (Spiritless Faction). Or read the Tales of Ronin, a story where we follow Ronin on his adventure to help Elatora recover the peace in his world. 

Why should I join?

What makes this project different:

2 NFTs for the price of 1

With every mint, you get 2 NFTs. An avatar and a weapon. You can trade the two individually in the future, but you can also keep them together.

The weapon shows up on your avatar NFT as long as you have it in your wallet.

The price for the avatar NFT is 0.07 ETH: the weapon is granted for free upon mint.

The book

The key element of Tales of Elatora is the lore and the book ‘Tales of Ronin’.

Tales of Ronin is a written novel that Caroline (founder of the project, @littlefortunes) started in November 2021.

The story is set in the world Elatora. Anyone who gets a Tales of Elatora NFT, gets access to read the story AND vote on the storyline at the end of each chapter as it’s being written.

We also are working on our audiobook, of which the first bits are already available. For this we are working with Ferdinand and Onubu.

Dynamic NFTs

A dynamic NFT is an NFT that can change (visually) over time.

Our NFTs are dynamic in two ways:

1. The background changes depending on the ‘time of day’ in Elatora! Refresh the metadata on OpenSea to see what time it is in our world.

2. The weapon can be traded/swapped with others in the same Faction. If done so, it shows up on your avatar NFT too. This does require some manual mapping, so please wait with doing so until our tutorial is live.

The game

Our game allows all members to explore Elatora in a fun, different way.

The game checks your wallet (only once, via and sees which NFTs you have. You will then play the Faction and Class that your avatar has.

P.S. The game is text- and image-based, and very easy to play. Anyone can play it!


We have 22 different animals in Tales of Elatora. We have male and female versions of each, as well as animals that seem mixed gender. All animals are equipped with a weapon, which defines their class.

Buntai Gundan
Warrior Warrior
Hunter Hunter
Rogue Rogue
Evoker Machnimer
0 +


Answers to your questions

Team lead: @littlefortunes

Designers: Neil Delos Santos and Aldrin Sy

Developers: Azhiva + the Unlock Protocol


A childhood dream come true.

As a child, I always wanted to become a writer, the next J.K. Rowling. As I grew up, I lost sight of this dream. But NFTs brought back the spark.

So in October 2021, I started a project that eventually led to Tales of Elatora. The genesis to ToE was Tales of Ronin: an NFT fantasy novel, written by me and the community. As I was writing the first chapters, I figured that the world in which the story is set – Elatora – was big enough to explore further. There could be so many stories inside Elatora, so many things to discover.

Hence I decided to work out our PFP project. One with extra utility: a game with which you can explore Elatora, the continuation of the book and voting power to holders, and a true community of Elatorians.

I hope you’ll be part of it too!

x, Caroline

A written novel, a Discord RPG and dynamic NFTs (you can trade your weapon + the background changes based on time of day!)

To sum it up:

– 2 NFTs for the price of 1 with each mint

– the RPG

– the book (and audiobook)

– free $UDT upon mint

– co-creating community

We have a small supply of 4200 NFTs.

The price is 0.07 ETH per mint. Each mint will give you 2 NFTs: 1 avatar, 1 weapon.

You will have to pay double gas, but the price of 0.07 ETH will only be paid once.

So it’s 2 for 1.

You’ll need a MetaMask wallet, and Ethereum to pay for the NFT and gas fees.

Minting is live right now here on the website. Just go to:


Hover over the red dots to discover the nations.

Umbral Belt

Vacant Flats

Radiant Rises

Aethereal Deeps

Depraved Marshes

Amaranthine Peaks

Sapped Lands

Wild Growths

Elatora, the world in which our story takes place, was once ruled by the 7 Spirits. The inhabitants, Elatorians, lived in peace until the Ferranians – the spiritless nation – set themselves on a mission of eradication.  Some joined their mission, leading to the world now being divided into two Factions.

Which side are you on?

The Buntai Faction wants to continue enjoying the peace and stability that the spirits bring to the world and with which it was created.

They want to stay true to their origins and restore the balance. They once formed an ancient alliance that now has been forgotten by all but the Umbral Belt.

Buntai consists of:

  • Radiant Rises
  • Aethereal Deeps
  • Umbral Belt
  • Wild Growths – Remaining unconquered part

The Gundan Faction wants to get rid of the spirits and rule themselves. They believe in equality for all races and nations and do not accept Spirits as their overlords.

The faction is led by the Sapped Lands, who have no Spirit ruler. The Vacant Flats and Depraved Marshes have joined them, as well as some living in the Wild Growths.

They are dark, savage, ruthless, but have a strong desire for equality (as in: not being ruled by Spirits).

Gundan consists of:

  • Sapped Lands
  • Vacant Flats
  • Depraved Marshes
  • Wild Growths – Part conquered by Sapped Lands