Tales of Elatora

Mint your NFT

and step into Elatora.

What's included?

Read the story

The Tales of Ronin is the first full story set in Elatora. The author is Caroline (@littlefortunes). Choices for the story are made by the community, via Discord. Check the #voting channel!

By minting a ToE NFT, you will get access to our written novel as well as audiobook, and, of course: voting!

Play our RPG

Discover Elatora in a fun way by playing our RPG in the Discord. Explore the world, figure out where the Spirit Scrolls are hidden, and level up your NFT by partaking in special quests.

The game will launch between April 19 and 26, and will be playable by anyone who has a ToE NFT.

Write and create!

Put those words on paper, Elatorian. We cannot wait to learn more about you and your adventures in Elatora. Tell us about your (NFTs) origins, heritage, and craft breathtaking stories.

We have already seen some of our members come up with incredible lore, music, and art, all set in Elatora.